We hope you enjoy this random collection of information about us.

  Tim Jeni
Full Name: Timothy Martin Ellis Jennifer Lynne Ellis
Birthplace: Edwards AFB Hayward, CA
Birthday: May 20, 1980 December 17, 1979
Lived: Edwards AFB
Rantoul, IL
Beale AFB
Vancouver, WA
Seattle, WA
Hayward, CA
Rosamond, CA
Riverside, CA
Graduated: Seattle Pacific U California Baptist U
Degree: BS, Electrical Engineering BA, Visual Arts
Hair: Dark Brown Blonde
Eyes: Green Blue-Green
Earlobes: Detached Mostly Attached
Teeth: Gap in front Straight & Perfect
Shoe Size: 10½ 8
Height: 5′ 10″ 5′ 4″
Weight: Right… Like we would put that here.
Bible Verse(s): Matthew 6:25-34 Philippians 4:11-14
Fruit: Kiwi Banana
Place: The Olympic Coast The Beach
Season: Winter Fall
Sport: Baseball Figure Skating
Drink: Burgerville Milkshake Sprite
Number: 42 Any number but 42
Movie: Groundhog Day Disney’s Robin Hood
Christian Band: Jars of Clay none in particular
Secular Band: Collective Soul none in particular
Fast Food: Jack in the Box Carl’s Jr.
Restaurant: Chevy’s Ramon’s
Color: Purple Burgundy
Food: Garbanzo Beans Coconut
Animal: Squirrels Snakes
Celebrity: Michael Jordan Mike Myers
Car: Ford Focus Broken Ones
Hobby: Mischief Photography
First Job: Subway Sandwich Cal Baptist Bookstore
Free time: Sleeping Chatting Online
Breakfast: Cereal (Hot or Cold) None
Wants to: Skydive Visit New York City