Here’s a relatively exhaustive list of projects that Tim and/or Jeni are currently working on or have worked on in the past.


Dispatches from the Multiverse – a weekly improv comedy sci-fi podcast
Seattle Bubble – Seattle-area real estate news, statistics, analysis, and opinion.
Clue Quest NW – Seattle-area scavenger hunt events

Tim on GeekWire – Tim is an occasional contributor to the Seattle-area tech outlet.


Kick META – a Kickstarter idea generator
38th & Broadway – an investigation into the City of Everett’s decision to close a bus stop
Win the Future – WIN THE FUTURE
Czech Sky – What is the Czech Sky? Where is it? (hint: it’s everywhere)
Priced Out Forever – A real estate reference published in early 2007.
Used vs. New – a list of video games that use an online pass #usedvsnew


The Church of Real Estate – Where home ownership isn’t just a dream, it’s a religion.
The Naked Loon – Puget Sound’s Most Spectacular Newspaper
Looney Listing – weird real estate listings and strange listing photos
Tulips Tulips Tulips – All bubbles, all the time… just like the economy!
Exodus 20:17 – Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house… but thou mayest drool just a little.
You Forgot a Letter – it seems like something might be missing
META: The Idea Generator – physical version of Kick META that failed on Kickstarter
Vivid Impression – Jeni’s real estate photography

Coming Someday…

Mario and Me – I love Mario. Kids love Mario.
EV Beat – electric vehicles FTW
Vexly – puzzling
Vosche – service