2007 Year in Review Quiz

  1. What new pet(s) did we get?
    1. A box of one dozen starving-crazed weasels
    2. A purple gecko named Steve
    3. An eight-year-old husky named Malish
    4. An African Grey parrot named Sven that says “quivering” a lot
  2. What is the name of the new church we began attending?
    1. Seed
    2. Mushroom
    3. First Baptist Church of the Totally Awesome
    4. Warm Fuzzies Chapel
  3. What two cities did Tim visit on business with Genie?
    1. Bellevue, WA and Kirkland, WA
    2. Reykjavik, Iceland and Cairo, Egypt
    3. Hobbitton and Mordor
    4. Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL
  4. Which of the following accurately describes our first road trip of the year?
    1. Down the Oregon and Northern California coast to visit family in San Francisco and Tim’s old professor from SPU, now at California Baptist University
    2. North into Canada, seeking fame and riches in remote frozen towns, working our way across the countryside by selling novelty toothbrushes
    3. East through Idaho and Montana into the hinterland of North Dakota on a quest for the seven sacred stones of Crackerton, which combined form the key to unlock the gate of Suruth, entrance to the ancient tomb of the music-warrior Jorash, whose legendary flute was able to tame even the wildest beast
    4. To the grocery store for milk
  5. What did we spend most of our free time doing in the summer?
    1. Inventing a new type of egg-beater, the yolk-o-tastic XR9742
    2. Writing a book: “How to break your spouse’s spirit in ten easy steps”
    3. Stealing flowers, bushes, ferns, and berry vines from the abandoned property next door
    4. Taking classes in acting, ju-jitsu, flower arrangement, and hostile takeovers
  6. Which of the following was not part of our trip to the Olympic National Park with Joy, Heather, and Sam?
    1. Visiting a natural hot springs (very natural, if you get my drift)
    2. Hiking through the woods in the rain
    3. Staring down a deer in the middle of the road
    4. Five-hour campsite pillow-fight, followed by a flaming marshmallow-eating contest
  7. What did we do for our five-year wedding anniversary?
    1. Stayed a night in a fancy lodge, hiked to a remote mining ghost town, and went for a relaxing drive through some small towns in east King County
    2. Planted a tree
    3. Visited a zoo populated entirely by monkeys
    4. Got into a screaming match and broke all our dishes
  8. What was the purpose of Jeni’s visit to Dallas?
    1. To scout out Woot.com headquarters for Tim’s upcoming master heist
    2. To find out first hand whether or not you can, in fact, mess with Texas
    3. To eat a 72oz steak in one sitting
    4. To visit with her best friend Heather, her sister Rebekah, and her friend Debbie
  9. Describe Rachel & Adam’s visit to Seattle.
    1. Jeni & Rachel got Rachel some new clothes and a new hairstyle, while Tim & Adam bonded over Xbox 360 and Wii
    2. Jeni & Rachel joined a belly-dancing troupe while Tim & Adam hunted cougar in the mountains, armed only with butter knives and slingshots
    3. The four of us began work on a massive underground fortress to house our secret mission control center
    4. Lots and lots of awkward silence
  10. Who did we spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with?
    1. Thanksgiving with the Amish in Pennsylvania, Christmas with astronauts on the space station
    2. Thanksgiving with Australian troops in Uzbekistan, Christmas with a family of bears in Alaska
    3. Thanksgiving with Tim’s family in Vancouver, Christmas with Jeni’s family in Rosamond
    4. Nobody – we stayed home and slept all day for both holidays
  11. Which of the following did we experience in the last week of 2007?
    1. Driving from Seattle to California then to Southern Florida with Rebekah
    2. Ringing in the new year on a crowded Gulf Coast island beach town
    3. Preparing for the island wedding of Jeni’s best friend Heather
    4. Having the car break down on the island beach town on New Years Eve, the day before the wedding
    5. All of the above

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