Eagle or Bottle Cap?

The logo seen at right was imprinted on the inside of a plastic Wesson vegetable oil bottle cap.

I say it’s an eagle made out of flames, the logo for whatever company made the cap.

Jeni says it’s a bottle cap over a fire, a symbol meant to instruct people not to put the cap in fire.

Who’s right?

Thanks to Adam, who pointed out in a comment below that the mystery image is the logo for Phoenix Closures. Looks like I win!



    Perhaps you’re both looking at it upside down. It could well be the end of the world. Notice the fire falling from heaven? The tsunami wave crashing toward the mountainous coast?


    or it could be both. well not an eagle but a phoenix? i’m definitely leaning towards a bird of some kind


    It’s the logo for “Phoenix Closures, Inc.”
    They make lids. Lots, and lots of lids.


      The Tim

      Wow, that’s random. I don’t know who you are or how you found this post, but thanks for the info! Looks like I win!

      Well, okay a Phoenix isn’t quite the same as an eagle, but it’s definitely not a melting bottle cap….

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