Changing Direction

We’ve changed our course a bit. Instead of working with Antioch, we are going straight to the state. We’ve connected with a lady from Fostering Together, who is helping us get our paperwork ready to submit. Our first steps are to complete an application, background checks, finger print authorizations, medical forms, financial and marital history as well as a fire evacuation plan. Luckily I have saved copies, so some of this is already done.

At this time we’re not planning on getting foster licensed. We’ve been told we don’t need to in order to adopt waiting children. I hope this is true! We’ve been given changing information so much it’s hard to know which to believe.

Two steps forward. One step back. Two steps forward….

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    Bryce Schober

    Be aware the most kids in foster care are “on the path” to a permanent placement by adoption, but not actually yet free to adopt. Children in this stage of the process (the vast majority of those hoping to be adopted, from my perspective) do require you to have a foster license to take a placement. But if your state licensor is making you aware of the number of children free to adopt, and letting you get a feel for what profiles for kids in that stage of the process look like, then that’s good.

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