More Hoops

We’ve now had 3 home visits. They’ve all gone well. Our case worker did speak with Antioch. I’m still unsure of what was said. It seems like each time Antioch is brought up she says they said something different. But, she doesn’t seem to share Antioch’s concerns. That is good.

As of right now we are waiting on 2 things to move forward.

We’re waiting until Jonathan’s 5 year mark for living in WA (mid Feb.), so we can avoid running a background check through CA.

Our case worker is concerned with our discipline. The fact that we spank Maezie is huge. Even though we know we cannot spank a state child, and are in the process of eliminating it before a child is placed with us, she doesn’t want to move forward until I, specifically, have “reprogrammed” my discipline. In other words, we have to stop spanking immediately.

Also, we (but mostly I) have to take a parenting class. She’s really pushing for this state approved class called Positive Parenting. Just the name puts a bad taste in my mouth. I am hoping that I can find a suitable alternative; suggestions are welcomed. We did agree to go to an “Intro to Positive Parenting” class this Thursday night. Anyone want to babysit? =) Once we’ve done a class, and she’s convinced we have “other tools in our tool belt” then we can finish up the home study. She has said numerous times that her “intent is to approve the home study.” She assures me that we’re not stopping, we’re just waiting…

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