Our Process

This has changed a bit sense we started.  Hopefully it won’t change again.  Here’s our process & where we’re at:

We took Steps 4 & 5 in reverse order.  And Steps 6 & 7 can happen simultaneously.  We are right at the beginning of our home study process.  Meaning, we haven’t even gotten the homework.  This is the part of the process where the agency & state pry as deep as they want to into our lives to see if we’ll be fit parents.  I’ve been told it’s very intrusive.  We’ll see.  As far as I understand, it involves a lot of questions with essay-style answers, and at least 2 in-home visits each from the agency’s worker and the state’s worker.  Our house will have to pass safety & health inceptions.  We’re working on that.  We basically have to do the home study process twice: once with Antioch & once with the state.  This is the one thing I hope they do change before we’re through.  It is extremely silly that the state insists on doing a study of their own.

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