Part 1 of CCT done

We’ve completed the first segment of the new Caregiver Core Training. In case you are wondering, this is a whole different curriculum from PRIDE. CCT was written specifically for WA State, incorporating our laws and such (whereas PRIDE apparently was national). It’s split up into 3 sections: Module 1, Field Experience & Module 2. We’ll need to do a little rescheduling of Mod. 2 since the last class is on the same day as Maezie’s birthday party. I prefer PRIDE, probably because it requires less of my time. =)

Last night was our last part of Module 1. Between now and Aug. 7th, we have to do an hour each (I believe) of field experience. That’s an activity that will “bring further awareness of the children within the system and/or the role of caregivers within the system.” Seems pretty open ended. Some examples they gave where to attend court or have a coffee with a caseworker. Do you have any other ideas?

Thank you, thank you for the babysitter angels who allowed us to attend at such late notice!

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