Waiting with a little confusion

Outside of one remaining reference, our homework for Antioch is officially done. I’m still halfway expecting another “one more thing” email. For those of you who we haven’t talked with lately: we found out that they needed like 12 more documents that they didn’t tell us about before. It was pretty annoying. But now we’re moving forward. Sorta; in the “move-to-the-next-line-at-the-DMV” kinda way.

I’m still unsure whether we’ll have to do more paperwork for the state. I apparently don’t know how to ask the right questions to get a clear answer from Antioch. If there is more to do, I think it will be lumped in with our home study.

So now we wait a little bit. I’ve been told it will take about 3 weeks for our file to be looked over and a case worker assigned. I’d really like to work with Dani again, she was nice. Once we have a case worker, we can start our home study. I have a feeling things may pick up a lot of speed at that point. Kinda exciting. Kinda terrifying.

Sorry to those who were hoping, but we won’t have our children by Christmas.

On a side note: We met another family, originally from TX, who lives just blocks from us. They adopted older children out of foster care too. Hopefully we’ll become good friends. =) I look forward to knowing people, who live in close proximity, that have gone through the same thing.

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